My favorite products and discount codes

Who doesn't love health and a good discount?!

My Trusted Supplements Store Discounted
PaleoValley (bars, greens, organ complex) 15% off code PVFRIEND15
Clearstem: Non-Toxic Skincare for acne and aging; 10% off code
Citrine- Clean Beauty Store: SHAE10
Primally Pure (lotions, bug spray, oils) code: SHAE10
Branch Basics (non-toxic cleaning supplies) 10% off code
SOUND (fav carbonated water) 20% off (shae20)
Organic Purity Coffee (shae10)
Pique Tea (fav matcha) (shae5)
RISEWELL (non-toxic-fluoride free) toothpaste: LEONARD10
Amazon Store Fav Products
Organifi Products 15% off
Siete Gluten/Grain Free 25% off