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Why are we different?

We offer personalized one-on-one consultations, tailored functional lab testing, and customized nutrition and supplement recommendations, coupled with empowering education. Our approach is designed to help you uncover the true underlying root causes of your symptoms and guide you on how to achieve mood, gut and hormonal balance through holistic-focused strategies.

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Shae Leonard Wellness has helped 500+ women navigate:

Symptoms related to IBS, PCOS, Anxiety, ADHD, SIBO, Inflammatory bowel conditions like Crohn's and UC, PMS, PMDD, Complex Autoimmune Conditions, Insulin Resistance, Depression, Adrenal and Cortisol Dysfunction, Nervous System Dysfunction, Weight Support, Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities, Fertility, Preconception and more. 

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Hey there,

I'm Shae, a Certified Physician Assistant and Functional Medicine Health Practitioner.

Due to severe bloating, cystic acne, seizures on her menstrual cycle, anxiety and fatigue from a very early age, Shae pursued medicine as a career and became a licensed Physician Assistant. Shae left conventional medicine after finding her own healing through functional medicine and Shae Leonard Wellness was born. 

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How Our Services Work

We are committed to empowering you to overcome health challenges by pinpointing the root causes of your symptoms and implementing data-driven strategies and protocols. We utilize private consultations and community support thorough in depth functional lab testing, and a well-defined action plan tailored to your health concerns. Our mission is to unravel the complex factors underlying your symptoms, providing you with the essential insights to rejuvenate your body's natural equilibrium through targeted and holistic interventions.

Root Cause 1:1  Consultations

Private, in depth 1:1 calls that leave you feeling educated, inspired and empowered as we thoroughly review labs, address mindset, nutrition, lifestyle and tweak any protocols in a step by step setting that sets you up for success. All strategies and protocols are unique to you and your needs, goals and desired results. 

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Functional Lab Testing

Our proven method is rooted in data and scientific principles and years of analyses and client mapping, removing any guesswork to achieve a precise grasp of your health situation. By utilizing comprehensive and accurate lab results, we develop a customized plan of action that aligns with your unique needs and objectives. Included in our program is the cost of lab testing, valued between $2,000 and $4,000, offering you a cost-effective alternative compared to purchasing individual lab tests at retail prices. 

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Personalized Protocols

Individualized health and supplement plans, detox protocols, mental health optimization, nutrition and fitness guidance and strategic supplement and lifestyle recommendations all based on your unique testing and needs. 

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Concierge Support

Transformational support that is all access, private 1:1 and community accountability from the comfort of your home or office. Weekly sessions and concierge access for on the go questions and accountability. No need to wait months to get your questions answered, we respond in real time to get you healing faster. 

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Extensive Education

We want you to become your own health coach. By the end of the 6 months you will be equipped with essential knowledge, tools, strategies and insights that will become your foundation for long term wellness and vitality. We have 50+ educational trainings on in depth topics like Histamine Intolerance, PCOS, IBS, Leaky Gut, ADHD, Cancer, Infertility, Anxiety, Birth Control Methods, Nervous System Regulation, Thyroid and more. Plus we have live and recorded coursework, handouts, resources that you will have to reference and utilize long term. 

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