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After spending years battling my own health issues with and while practicing in conventional medicine, what I quickly learned was that this is NOT working for me or the vast majority of people I see.


Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn for your health. If you don’t get it right now, it could cost you decades of feeling unseen, unheard, helpless and hopeless about your health. 

Where most people think there is nothing left for them to do or try or that they have been told prescriptions are the only option what they’re missing are the CRUCIAL steps that come before anything else; A mindset of healing and the exact steps to reduce inflammation, reduce chronic stress, boost energy and cultivate resilience.  

Without having a mindset of wellness, more energy and less stress...toxic thinking, inflammation and chronic illness will persist. 

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Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life:

Say goodbye to endless symptom-chasing and hello to true healing from within. The Heal Yes Accelerator is not just another course – it's a movement towards lasting wellness and empowerment.


Hi, I'm Shae:) Board-Certified Physician Assistant, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Creator of the Heal Yes Accelerator Course.

This Course has been responsible for helping motivated individuals achieve peak physical, mental and biological performance and will now be your golden ticket toward taking that next step toward abundant energy and optimal wellness, now and forever.

Inside this course you’ll discover the models that support and create peak health and well-being and how to uncover and conquer the next steps in your journey from surviving to thriving.


"Your greatest wealth is your health, It's time to say Heal Yes!"

Does this sound like you?

◆  Exhausted and Inflamed

◆  Stressed and Anxious

◆  Bloated and Miserable

◆  Unheard and No Direction

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Boost Energy

Step-by-step nutritional guidance, breathwork, movement, sleep hygiene, eating hygiene and what to take, consume, and do to create daily energy. 

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Reduce Stress

What is stress and how to mange and reduce daily physical and emotional stressors in order to reverse dis-ease and cultivate stress resilience.  

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Sustain Health

The exact habits and steps needed to maintain discipline and consistency, create a healing environment, and experience the freedom of a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

What if I told you there was a better way?

Your life BEFORE:

  • Feeling exhausted daily.
  • Having zero energy to do normal daily things.
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety with your health and life.
  • Dealing with hormone imbalance, gut issues and mental health. 
  • Having no direction or education on how to feel well and improve health. 
  • Lack of motivation, consistency or WHY you feel so poorly. 

Your life AFTER:

  • Waking up daily with energy and vitality. 
  • Sleeping soundly and feeling rested.
  • Little to no stress or anxiety or toxic thinking.
  • A mindset of healing and resilience.
  •  Free of the pesky, daily symptoms of brain fog, bloating, aches and pains and period issues. 
  • Habits and tools and resources to implement the exact steps for long term wellness. 


Heal Yes Accelerator

A step-by-step strategy for boosting energy and reducing stress by combating the core of the issue... inflammation, now and long term without experiencing overwhelm, judgement, or conflicting and confusing fads or short term band-aids. 

VIP Course


  • Step-by-step guidance to get your energy and health back that I use with my private 1:1 health clients.
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition and lifestyle protocols.
  • Fad free, nutrition guidance and education and best practices.
  • Mental health and mindset rewire how-to.
  • Complete clarity on what to increase and decrease daily and decade after decade to prevent illness and promote wellness.
  • Tools, resources and habits to sustain and maintain a lifestyle of wellness for you and your family. 
  • Recommended testing, supplements and products for optimal long term living. 
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Why Now?


This is your moment. Your opportunity to break free from the cycle of feeling "just okay" and step into a life of vitality and abundance. Here's why now is the perfect time to join the

Heal Yes Accelerator Online Course:

◆ Invest in Yourself◆

Your health is your most valuable asset, and there's no better time than now to prioritize it. By investing in the Heal Yes Accelerator, you're investing in a brighter, healthier future for yourself and your family. 

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs:  ◆

Are you telling yourself you don't have the time or resources to prioritize your health? It's time to break free from those limiting beliefs. With our flexible online format, you can access the course anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Empowerment Over Excuses:

Maybe you've tried other programs in the past and haven't seen results, or you're worried about the commitment. We get it – change can be daunting. But with the Heal Yes Accelerator, you'll have the tools, support, and guidance you need to overcome any obstacle and finally achieve the vibrant health you deserve.

Seize the Moment: ◆

There's no time like the present to take control of your health and rewrite your story. Don't let another day go by feeling less than your best. Say "Heal Yes" today and take the first step towards a life of vitality, energy, and joy. The time for transformation is now.

say, HEAL YES now and join!

 Heal Yes Stories

I was exhausted all the time, never felt rested, my anxiety had been progressively getting worse, and over all I felt like it was all I could do to make it to bedtime each day! I had also felt my hormones were out of balance for the last 5 years since having my daughter, but didn't know what to do about it. Additionally, my family history of disease and illness has always been a "worry" in the back of my mind, and while I tried to do my best to be healthy, the symptoms I was experiencing told me that I needed help. Working with Shae has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. The entire process was extremely eye-opening and educational. I think more clearly, feel lighter and more grounded, am more rested, my anxiety has done a 180, I'm sleeping deeper, and I feel like myself in my own body. I have the tools I need to continue this new way of living. Simply put, best decision ever! 

Taylor S. 

"I started working with Shae because I felt like I lacked the proper education to take charge of my health. I felt like I lacked energy and that I wasn't ever reaching optimal health. And the foods I consume, the products I use, the candles I burn ... were they harming me and my children in some way? I wasn't able to answer these questions on my own. I started this journey as a preventive measure, and it has provided me with so much more than I ever expected! I am now armed with so much information, which Shae provided in bite-sized bits, and I have started using this information to help my family. Our home is now a non-toxic home, our meals are more nourishing, and our bodies are now on the path of working in the way that God truly designed them to work. This is the best investment that I could've made for me and my family. I am truly grateful for Shae and her program.

Crystal R.

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I was introduced to root cause healing because the conventional medicine model failed me and many of the people I was seeing.


My health journey began as a teen. I found myself struggling with seizures, daily exhaustion, anxiety, brain fog, cystic acne and severe gut issues. I began to see countless specialists all over the country and tried a myriad of medications that ultimately led to worsening symptoms and zero understanding or direction. This continued for over a decade without answers or relief.

Due to my own health crisis, I pursued conventional medicine as a career and became a Physician Assistant where I practiced for years. All the while my health continued to worsen until I eventually quit my job to find one less physically demanding. It was in this transition I found functional medicine and my healing began. 

It was here that my health, my life and ultimately my career changed forever. I was finally free of the daily symptoms that had plagued me for over a decade and now understood the root cause(s). I quickly began living in hope, instead of daily fear.

There was no going back. I left conventional medicine, went back to school and created Shae Leonard Wellness, an online functional medicine health consulting business to restore hope and healing for others. 

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Lindsey M. 

"There's more to it than just taking vitamins and eating "healthy". I've been an athlete and put fitness and health first for most of my life, but Shae educated me more in the months we spoke on what healthy really means than I ever learned through my fitness journeys in the past. No prescription pills, or medications of any sort, I just simply listened to her recommendations and made the adjustments with vitamins, herbs, nutrition, workouts and mental health! If you are struggling with any aspect of your life, not just fertility, I can't recommend her enough."

Daryan C.

"I found some interesting things out about my own body, that looking back at my life it all makes sense now. Our bodies are unique, and they need a unique personalized regimen. It’s only just the beginning for me, and I can feel my symptoms slowly start to lift. I feel so much hope for my healing for the first time ever. Investing the money with Shae has not been a disappointment and it is 1000% worth every penny!"

Megan C.

"She’s taught me everything from detoxing my house, eating with consideration of my food intolerances, referred me to the best supplements, and overall just has me feeling confident with what I am doing now. Whether I slip up or fall short some days, I now have a sense of direction. I know what I need to be doing to be my best self, and that feeling is the best feeling ever. Feeling like I do in fact have control over my health and my body. Working with her has allowed me to learn things I can apply the rest of my life for not only myself but my family as well."


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From optimizing your gut health to balancing your hormones and managing stress, our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of holistic wellness. Experience the power of integrative medicine and unlock your body's natural healing potential.

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