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Shae Leonard, MPAS, PA-C, AFMP. Board-certified Physician Assistant and Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner, owner of Shae Leonard Wellness Health Consulting. 


Shae grew up in Artesia, NM and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Lubbock Christian University. Upon completion she obtained her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Texas Tech University.

She practiced in allergy and immunology, medical aesthetics and integrative psychiatry. Shae practiced integrative and conventional psychiatry as a PA-C in the state of Texas for nearly 5 years. Her experience in psychiatry as well as her personal health journey led her to seek alternative, functional healthcare methods for herself and her patients. 

Shae was first introduced to functional medicine at a young age by her mentor and Aunt, Dr. Cynthia Coor. Shae was struggling with a variety of health concerns at the age of 16 yrs old. She had developed multiple food allergies, acne, hormonal disruptions, gastrointestinal complications and severe neurological manifestations. She began to see countless specialists and a myriad of prescription medications that led to side effects and worsening symptoms. At the age of 17 yrs old she began to advocate and research for herself, which ultimately led her to pursue medicine as a career as a way to help those with a similar story. This went on for years with more drugs and continued symptoms. Until she met her friend and mentor, a functional medicine specialist and pharmacist who ran specialized testing and found various root causes of the symptoms she was experiencing. Personalized protocols for hormone and gut reset, quickly led Shae to being free of brain fog, exercising daily, sleeping through the night and experiencing little to no GI complaints with energy for days. She has been forever changed by this experience and knew she needed to use this knowledge to help others.

Shae began to practice in Psychiatry where she learned how to optimize one's genetics, improve mental health resiliency through meditation, amino acid therapy, sleep hygiene, nutrition and exercise.  

Shae also completed an extensive training program with her mentor, a certified anti-aging and functional/regenerative medicine expert in holistic hormone balance. She then completed a 2 year functional medicine school program to become an Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner  through, The School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Shae is married to her best friend, business partner and forever boyfriend, Jesse. They have a baby girl and a fur baby. Together they own and manage a gym, F45 training. She is now living and thriving in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. You can find Shae at church, being a SAHM to her angel girl, Scottie or at the gym working out, going on walks with her dog, exploring the outdoors, reading or meditating and spending time with friends and family.

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