If you desire weekly educational sessions, custom in-depth testing, personalized nutrition,  individualized supplement protocols and concierge support to address the root causes of your symptoms and get your health and life back ASAP, this program is the perfect fit for you! Get healing today!


Get ready to repair, restore and heal.

like you always knew you could.


Fatigued, wired and tired, exhausted with restless sleep, inability to lose weight, brain fog... sound familiar??

Are you tired of being told your hormones are "normal" or "you are too young for hormone issues" or "only birth control fixes hormones"? You are not alone. You deserve better. There is hope. 

Are you experiencing bloating, gas pain, irregular bowel movements and feel this is normal? It is not.

Have you been told you have IBS and there is nothing they can really do for you? Are you struggling with acne, allergies, aches/pains, inflammation or asthma that is driving you crazy? There is a reason, there is a root cause. It can be addressed. 

Are you anxious or irritable? Experiencing panic attacks, generalized anxiety, or toxic negative thinking?

Have you been told you are depressed and you need prescription drugs, but they never seem to help and often make you feel worse? These are signals from the body that there is imbalance physically, mentally/emotionally, and or spiritually.  



Does any of this


sound like you...

You're ready to go from:

⟡ Feeling helpless, hopeless and fearful of your health

⟡ Anxious, exhausted and with no idea on why or how to help

⟡ Constantly bloated, inflamed, unrested and overwhelmed with negative thoughts

So that you can:

⟡ Be educated, inspired and empowered about your health so you can sustain it 

⟡ Be free of anxiety, brain fog, bloating, PMS and  have energy all day and know exactly how to maintain it

⟡ Know how to nourish and heal your gut and mind and protect them long term

private 1:1 coaching w/ community accountability

concierge, customized health and wellness

Do you experience physical stressors such as viral or bacterial infections, aches/pains, obesity, insufficient sleep, too much exercise, food sensitivities, allergens, toxins, insulin resistance/hyperglycemia, too much or little calories?

Do you experience emotional stressors like toxic thinking patterns, financial issues, family dynamics, peer approval, fear, anger, resentment, inadequacy, hyper-focused on past or future? 

This is all STRESS, and it is taking its toll. Stress is leading the way in the chronic dis-ease epidemic we are currently facing. Do not let you or your family fall victim to the damage that STRESS can do. 

Let us help you, heal your stress in order to go from barely surviving to finally thriving!


self-study course

This course will be your golden ticket to taking that next step toward abundant energy and optimal wellness. 


The Heal Yes Accelerator is an online, optimal health course to get you from barely surviving to finally thriving! It is a proven step-by-step strategy for boosting energy and reducing stress now and long-term without experiencing overwhelm, judgement, or conflicting and confusing fads or short term band-aids. Who doesn't deserve or desire daily energy, little to know stress and the tools to sustain it forever?

It's time to say, Heal Yes!





Crystal R. 

"The testing I completed was eye-opening and changed everything for me! my mood. I was just overall more happy, optimistic, less stressed, and the feeling of anxiety I've always carried around was gone. Even my husband noticed!"

Tiffany R. 

Honestly, I was hopeless. I knew this was something that could possibly change my life. Little did I know how much it actually would. After my initial consultation, I knew that Shae was the one that would help me be me again. 

So many things have been absolutely eye-opening & life-changing for me through this. The way I look at my symptoms, how I treat my daughter with natural supplements, how we all eat. I tell everyone, whether they listen or now, how they need Shae in their life. 

Take the leap of faith, I promise this is nothing like what you have done before. 

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