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Healthy Hormones

How Your Genes Impact Your Mental Health, Anxiety, Hormones, and Gut

Entrepology Podcast

The Five Simplest Things You Can Do Today to Add More Health to Your Life with Shae Leonard

The Lab Report- Genova 

We talk to Shae Leonard about the effects of nutrition, gut health, hormones, genetics, and movement on mental health.

Dr. Lo Radio

How to Have Mood Resilience with Shae Leonard 

The Ali Damron Show

Functional medicine and mood resilience

Plan B Success

How Shae went from conventional medicine to functional medicine

Well, Being, Well Said

Functional Medicine, Listening To Your Body, & Ditching The Medicinal "Band-Aids"

Hype Girl Podcast

How to Optimize Your Genetics for Better Health with Shae Leonar‪d

Staying Ageless

How to Optimize Your Diet & Mood Using Genetic Testing

The Simplifiers Podcast

How to sleep better at night 

Diet Dropout

Leaky gut, food sensitivities, hormones

Law of Attraction in Action

Empowered Health

Spirit Farm 

Healthy mind, healthy body

Empowered Woman Podcast

Advocating for Your Health and the Power of Functional Medicine

Sleep Whisperer Podcast

Nutrients & Supplements For Sleep with Shae Leonar‪d

Pursuing Greatness

Addressing the Root Cause of your Health Issues with Shae Anne Leonard | Pursuing Greatness #53